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Wag tags giftsThink you might want to give a friend a Wag Tag as a Christmas, birthday or other type gift but don't know what to order for them? Consider a pre-paid Wag Tag!

Here's how it works: You pay for the tag plus the shipping without having to specify the tag type, size or what text will go on the tag. You will give us the e-mail address of the person you want the tag to go to and choose the date you want them to receive notification of the gift. You will also be able to provide your own personalized message that will be included in the notification e-mail.

The recipient will receive notification of your generous gift and your personalized message on the day you specified above. They will also be given a unique gift code that they can use when they go to our website and order their tag(s). If you want, you can be notified when they order their tag so you can confirm that the gift code was 'cashed in'.

This gift purchasing system makes it fast, easy and convenient for customers to give Wag Tags or our Stainless Steel Hanging Tags as gifts. It will be especially handy for those who tend to be last minute gift shoppers. You can even purchase the gift and have the gift notification e-mail delivered on the very same day if you want!

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