Wag Tags Donation Matching Program

Wag Tags is an experiment in what we like to call "compassionate capitalism". It's about thinking win-win and an attempt to be as generous and do as much good for the community and animals as possible while still managing to operate a sustainable, profitable business. If it’s not too immodest to say so, we think it’s an admirable goal and something the world could use a little more of.

Wag Tags lives up to this ideal by giving back to the community through a donation matching program that raises money for pet rescue organizations and humane societies across the country. At time of purchase, we offer our customers the opportunity to donate $2 per tag purchased to a pet rescue or humane society of their choice (from a list we provide) and then we match that with 1$ for every $2 they donate. That $1 actually represents around 20% of our gross profit on the sale. This is before you factor in our other expenses so this is a very generous donation program by any business standards.

To help us remain a sustainable business and keep the ideal alive we ask those who support our partner organizations to support us by purchasing Wag Tags and do what they can to get the word out about our product and what we are doing to support these great organizations. If you are unsure as to whether or not you want to donate to one of these organizations, please visit our Inspiration page and watch a few of the touching videos featured there. The videos on that page really show the value of the work pet rescues do. Logos for the organizations that can be donated to through the donation matching program are shown below. Links to their websites are provided on the Links page. Also be sure to check out our featured “Underdogs” on our Underdogs page.


Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society Calgary Humane Society Cochrane & Area Humane Society Edmonton Humane Society Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue Society
Oops a dazy rescue and sanctuary society Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation Dogwood Sporting Dog Rescue Cross Our Paws Rescue
Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Toronto Humane Society Cats And Dogs International