What we Guarantee

Wag Tags and Stainless Steel Hanging Tags

We guarantee your satisfaction with any tag you purchase from us.

If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the tag because it does not meet your expectations of quality or because we made a mistake on the engraving, you are welcome to return it for a refund for the price of the tag or a free warranty replacement tag*. Sorry, but we cannot refund the shipping cost.

* See Note, below.

Wag Tags Only

We guarantee our Wag Tags will remain "functional" for the life of your pet. We will replace a tag free of charge if they ever become unreadable due to wear.  

We guarantee the Wag Tags against loss from falling off the collar under normal use and as long as the Wag Tag was the correct size for the collar used. Common sense tells you that if you put a Wag Tag meant for a 1” adjustable length collar on a ¾” wide collar, the tag has a much higher chance of falling off. We cannot warranty our Wag Tags against loss in the case of incorrect application.

Note: A warranty replacement tag will have the same exact information as was engraved on the original tag. (Changes to any of the information engraved on the tag are not allowed on warranty replacement tags)

What we do NOT guarantee:

We do not guarantee hanging tags against loss because we cannot guarantee the attachment hardware or that you will not accidently hook your leash onto the split ring causing your tags to go flying as soon as the dog pulls on the leash.

We do not guarantee the instructions you send us to be correct. When you place your order, please double-check that you are ordering the correct type of tag, the correct size of tag and that all of the text (phone number, etc) to be engraved on the tag is correct. If an order was placed incorrectly, there may be a chance to stop production of the tag if the stop order is received soon enough. Click this link to go to the spot on our FAQ page that gives more information on this subject.

We do not guarantee Wag Tags against loss due to your dog losing its collar, or you losing your dog and the Wag Tag(s) with it. We can only guarantee Wag Tags against loss from falling off the collar under normal use if the Wag Tag was mounted on the correct sized collar in the correct way.

We do not guarantee Wag Tags against loss due to human error. If you look at the design of our slide-on Wag Tags for belt-style collars, you instantly know there is no way in Hades that tag can come off the collar other than if you do something “un-clever” like taking the collar off the dog and then holding onto the collar by the buckle end and accidently allowing the Wag Tag to slide off the open end and fall into a storm sewer or some other inaccessible place.

The Bottom Line

We’re not a rich multi-national corporation bent on world domination and maximization of profit and shareholder return at any cost. We’re just a small business with a social conscience who’s trying to make a go of it by offering a great product at a very reasonable price while doing as much as it can to be generous and make a positive difference in the world through our donation matching program and Underdogs page. Of course you can pull a fast one on us by falsely claiming that your 1” Wag Tag fell off your pet’s 1”collar when you know it was incorrectly mounted on a ¾” wide or that you lost the tag because you put it down somewhere and now can’t find it. We can’t afford to have investigators go out and investigate warranty claims so we have to take your word for it that your warranty claim is legitimate.  As such, our warranty claims system pretty much operates on the honour system.

But think about it: If all kinds of people make all kinds of false warranty claims then we won’t be able to afford to maintain our generous donation matching program. Do you want to be responsible for taking away much needed funding for organizations that rescue and find homes for cute homeless puppies and kittens? Of course not. So please, treat us fairly and be honest about your warranty claims. In return, we will do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase and to look after you as a highly valued and important customer.