Wag Tags Corporate Goals

1. Give our customers peace of mind

Losing a pet is always a worry but Wag Tags help give our customers peace of mind because they know that if their pet happens to go missing, the Wag Tag will be with the pet and someone will be able to read it. That’s guaranteed.

2. Give back to the community and conduct our business in a way that helps make the world a better place

We meet this goal with a donation matching program  that raises much-needed funds for animal shelters and pet rescue organizations. Our Underdogs page  also helps find loving homes for the most  down-on-their-luck pets from the pet rescue associations and animal shelters we work with . We advertise those pets for free and will give anyone who adopts a featured Underdog a free Wag Tag as a token of our appreciation and gratitude.

3. Reduce the trauma and stress on pets and owners when a pet gets lost

Little Girl with puppyIf you read the information on our “About the Owner”  page you’ll understand why this is a big issue for the owner and founder of this company. Both pets and their owners (especially children)  find it highly traumatic and stressful when their beloved pets become lost. When your pet goes missing, you want it back home safe with you as soon as possible. Because a Wag Tag is always right there with your pet, requires no high-tech equipment to read and has enough room for information that can give your pet’s finder several ways to contact you, there is no better pet I.D. system in the known universe  that can help you get your lost pet back to you and your worried children faster and more reliably than a Wag Tag.

4. Give our customers great value for their money

We give you the best, most durable, pet ID tags made on this planet (or any other) at a cost that’s not much more than those lightly engraved aluminum tags that become unreadable in only a few short months. Traditional hanging tags are also prone to getting lost. WagTags are so well designed and so well made they’re guaranteed against loss or becoming illegible due to wear for the life of the pet. There is absolutely no other pet I.D. system out there that gives pet owners better value for their money.