Frequently Asked Questions


HELP!! I just submitted an order and realized I made a mistake! Is it possible to change the order before it’s processed?

Orders that are received before 8:00 a.m. Mountain time (7:00 a.m. Pacific/10:00 a.m. Eastern) Monday to Friday will be processed and shipped that same day. Orders that are received after 8:00 a.m. Mountain time (7:00 a.m. Pacific/10:00 a.m. Eastern) Monday to Thursday are processed the following day. That means that if you placed an order after the cut-off time during a week day your order won’t be processed until the following day or in the case of orders placed on weekends or Fridays after the cut-off time, the order won’t be processed until the following Monday. If that’s the case then go to our Contact page and fill out the form selecting STOP MY ORDER! as the subject line. Be sure to type your order number in the order number box before sending your message. If your message is received on time, your order can be stopped so you can tell us what to correct about your order before it goes through.

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Is it Legal to print my City licence tag information on a wag tag or one of your hanging tags?

That depends on your local laws. Please be sure to check the applicable by-laws to ensure that it is legal to have a third-party made pet licence tag in your jurisdiction.

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Is it a good idea to put my pet’s name on the pet I.D. tag?

This is a personal choice thing but we here at Wag Tags don’t recommend it. This is because you want to use the available text on your tag to give the person who finds your dog/cat as many ways to contact you as possible. Giving them your pet’s name doesn’t help them with that and only makes it easier for them to befriend your pet should they decide to be jerks and keep your pet instead of returning it to you. As such, we see no advantages and some possible disadvantages to including your pet’s name on your tag.

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Do you have any advice on what information I should put on my pet’s I.D. tag?

We recommend you put your cell phone number(s) and land line number(s) on the tag and to let people know if which numbers are cell numbers so they can text you as well. Email addresses are good too and if you use Twitter a lot, a Twitter handle could be useful information to put on the tag. Have a look at the next topic when deciding what e-mail address to put on the tag.

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Any advice to give on what e-mail address I should put on my pet’s I.D. tag

Yes. First of all, we don’t recommend you put an email address from your ISP like Telus, Rogers, Bell, AT&T, Sprint, etc. The reason for this is that you’ll have the pet and the Wag Tag for years and you don’t know for sure if you’ll always be with the same ISP. Use an address from a web based e-mail account like Gmail or Hotmail. No matter what ISP you go with, you’ll always have that account.

We highly recommend that you create a special web based (i.e. Gmail) account for the sole purpose of receiving emergency e-mails. You can then set the account up to automatically forward to as many people as you want. Put this e-mail address on your tag. That way, if someone finds your pet and e-mails that address, you, your spouse, children, trusted friends, parents, etc., will all get notified that the pet has been found. If anyone’s email address changes during the lifetime of your pet, you can easily go into the account and change the forwarding addresses to reflect that.

Tip: When creating your emergency e-mail account, be careful to keep the e-mail address short enough to fit on one of the text lines on your tags. The text lines on mini tags have 14 characters each. On the larger tags the text lines have room for 14, 18, 20, 25 and 20 characters. See the topic below for more tips on how to get your e-mail address on a mini tag.

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I want to purchase a mini sized Wag Tag but my e-mail address is longer than 14 characters. What can I do to get my e-mail address onto one line of the mini tag?

If you are ordering a mini sized Wag Tag you are limited to having a maximum of 14 characters on any line. Most e-mail addresses are over 14 characters so we recommend you get a Gmail account with a maximum of 8 characters in the handle. You can then put “handle@gmail” on one of the lines on your tag. The address is missing the “.com” part but any Internet savvy person will know that @gmail means @gmail.com. 

Once you have that Gmail account established, set it up to forward to as many other e-mail addresses as you want so multiple people will be notified if someone finds your pet and e-mails that address.

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Right now my pet has a “belt style” collar but I’m not sure that I’ll always use that style of collar. What do you recommend I do?

Well, if your pet’s collar is a single ply belt style collar and you think you might change to an “adjustable style” collar someday, we recommend you order a tag to fit the same width adjustable style collar instead of a slide-on Wag Tag for a single ply belt style collar. This is because the adjustable style tag can fit either style of collar so long as the belt style collar is not extra thick/double ply. Conversely, a slide-on Wag Tag for a belt style collar can only be used on a belt style collar and cannot be mounted on an adjustable style collar.

Another alternative would be to order one of our stainless steel hanging tags. They can be attached to any type and size of collar. Unfortunately, they’re not guaranteed against loss because we can’t guarantee the link between the collar and the hanging tag won’t fail (that’s why we sell Wag Tags!). On the positive side, the hanging tags can be engraved on both sides so you can put your pet’s City licence information on one side and your contact information on the other.

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What style of Wag Tag should I order for a Martingale style collar?

You would want to order an Adjustable collar style Wag Tag for that type of collar. Just make sure your dog’s Martingale collar isn’t double ply or extra thick. Adjustable collar style Wag Tags only fit single ply collars. If your dog’s Martingale collar is double ply is extra thick/double ply you could buy a Slide-on style Wag Tag and mount it as shown in the FAQ topic below.

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My dog’s collar is wider than 1”. The widest WagTag you sell is 1”. What do you recommend I do?

You have two choices here. One is to go with a hanging tag. The other is to order a large or medium sized slide-on Wag Tag for a single ply belt style collar and mount it as shown in the picture using some 1” or 3/4” (if a medium sized tag is ordered) nylon webbing and rivets. One rivet on either side of the tag is fairly secure. Two rivets on either side of the tag are even more secure.

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How thick of a collar can the two types of slide-on Wag Tags fit onto?

The slide-on Wag Tags for single thick/single ply belt-style collars will accommodate up to a 1/8” (3 mm) thick collar. They will fit on almost any single ply nylon belt-style collar and perhaps some thinner leather collars although most leather collars require a slide-on Wag Tag for a double thick belt-style collar.

Slide-on Wag Tags for double thick belt-style collars will accommodate collars that are up to ¼” (6 mm) thick. This will work just about any double ply nylon collars or thicker leather collars as long as it doesn’t have big pointy spikes on it. Remember to always measure carefully before ordering one of these tags if you’re not absolutely sure about the thickness of the collar you’re ordering the Wag Tag for.

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What are the most common mistakes that are made when ordering Wag Tags?

The most common ordering mistake is made when customers order a mini sized Wag Tag for an adjustable length collar because they ASSUME (due to looking at the collar and not measuring it) that their pet's 5/8” wide collar is ½” wide.  Customers should not assume a collar is ½” wide just by looking at it. They should always measure it with a ruler or tape measure to make sure it’s not actually a 5/8” wide collar which requires a small sized Wag Tag.

Another common ordering error occurs when customers do not have faith that the adjustable length design will stay on their pet’s collar so they order a slide-on style Wag Tag for a double thick belt-style collar assuming (incorrectly) that it will slide over the thinner male snap-lock buckle at the end of the collar. This will NOT work! Only a Wag Tag for an adjustable length collar will work on an adjustable length collar. And please, have faith in the attachment system. Wag Tags for adjustable length collars are guaranteed to stay on the collar so long as they’re put on the correct sized collar. We cannot guarantee the Wag Tag will stay on if it gets put on the wrong sized collar.

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Will a slide-on Wag Tag for a double thick belt-style collar fit over the snap-lock buckle at the end of an adjustable length collar?

In a word; NO! Only a Wag Tag for an adjustable length collar will work on an adjustable length collar!

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Do you recommend Split Rings or S hooks for attaching your Hanging Tags?

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages so choose whatever you prefer. Please know that you cannot judge our rings from the ones that come with the tags you get from vending machines, we use a much better quality ring than you get from those machines.

For smaller pets you might want to consider ordering the split rings and using the following method to attach the hanging tag. If you have a small pet with a collar 3/8 inch or less in width put the ring on the tag and then thread the collar THROUGH the ring instead of attaching the ring onto the collar hardware. This method eliminates that "hangy" look and causes the tag to face more directly outward.

But to be perfectly honest, our personal preference is to just avoid either a ring or a hook and opt for a Wag Tag. With Wag Tags there is no attachment hardware, no metallic clinking noises, they never wear out and they never fall off. That we guarantee for the life of your pet.

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How long does it take for my tags to be manufactured and shipped once I’ve placed an order?

Orders that are received before 8:00 a.m. Mountain time (7:00 a.m Pacific/10:00 a.m. Eastern) Monday to Friday will be processed and shipped that same day. Orders received after the cut-off time on business days or on holidays or weekends will be processed and shipped the next business day.

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How long will it take for my order to arrive once my order has been shipped?

The tags are manufactured in and shipped from the United States. As such, Canadian orders usually take around 2 weeks to arrive but sometimes can take longer since they are sometimes subject to holdups getting through Customs. Expect longer delivery times during the Christmas holiday season. The same thing goes for International orders. Orders going out to addresses in the lower 48 US States will usually arrive within a week or maybe just a bit longer depending on how well the USPS is working.

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What do you charge for shipping?

Please look on our Shipping Information page for this information.

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You are a Canadian Company. How come lower 48 US customers get free shipping and Canadians don’t?

This is because the tags are manufactured and shipped from the United States. The company that we have make the tags for us offered us free shipping to lower 48 US customers so we pass that deal onto them. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the same deal for our Canadian and International customers so everyone else has to pay a bit to have their orders shipped outside of the US lower 48. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much to ship Wag Tags and we only charge our customers what it costs us to cover the shipping costs.

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