Why Wag Tags?

Nearly Impossible to Lose

Hanging tags go missing all the time but the Wag Tag attachment system  is close to fool-proof. Wag Tags are virtually impossible to lose. We are so certain of this that we warrant Wag Tags for the life of the pet against loss due to falling off the collar. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your pet won’t lose its collar - with the tags on it - or that you won’t lose your pet and the tags along with it. But if your collar stays with your pet and your pet stays with you, we’ll guarantee  your Wag Tags against loss for the life of the pet.

Room for LOTS of Information

Depending on the tag size, Wag Tags give you room for up to 99 characters on five lines of text. That’s plenty of room for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Twitter handles and much more. All this information gives the person who finds your pet all kinds of ways to contact you quickly.

Won’t Wear out or Become Illegible

Most pet ID tags are made from soft aluminum and the lettering wears off in just a few months. Wag Tags are deeply engraved on durable, thick stainless steel blanks. They also don’t hang off the collar and rub against other tags. These two factors help make Wag Tags so durable we guarantee they will remain legible for the life of the pet. No other Pet ID tag system can offer that.

Safer than Hanging Tags

Traditional hanging tags can get caught on things and this can result in grave injuries to your pet. Wag Tags are completely different. They stay flush to the collar, making it virtually impossible for them to catch on anything. Changing from hanging tags to Wag Tags helps reduce risks to your pet.

No Noise

The jingling of hanging tags is annoying and distracting. Some pet owners actually buy nylon pouches to cover the tags and suppress the noise. But those pouches wear out over time and often go missing - along with the tags. Wag Tags eliminate the noise problem completely because they stay flush to the collar and don’t make a clatter. Convert your pet’s city license and pet ID tags to Wag Tags and you’ve got an unbeatable system that is completely silent.

Best Value for the Money

Wag Tags don’t cost much more than those soft aluminum I.D. tags you can get at pet stores, but they will last many times longer and provide space for more information. Compare prices and do the math. There’s no question that Wag Tags offer the best value of any Pet ID system available today. For what they deliver and at only 1/5 the cost of one large bag of premium dog food, Wag Tags give you incredible value for the money compared to any other pet I.D. system.

Absolute Best Pet I.D. System You Can Get

It’s a no-brainer! The combination of all of the above factors make it obvious, Wag Tags are the best Pet I.D. tags in the known universe. No other type of pet I.D. tag or system comes anywhere close to delivering the value, economy and reliability that Wag Tags do!

Pet identification systems like microchips are not as effective as one would hope in getting found pets identified and back to their owners quickly. This is because you can’t tell if a pet has been micro-chipped or not by looking at it and the only way to find out is to take the pet to a place like a veterinarian’s office where the chip can be read. Those places aren’t usually open overnight and on weekends. But what if someone finds your pet during the evening or on a weekend? And what is there to guarantee the person who finds your pet would even think of or be bothered to go out of their way to take the pet to a place that could find and read the microchip that they’re not even certain is there? Although you can usually tell if the pet has an ear tattoo, it doesn’t tell people how to contact you and someone who finds a pet still has to take it to a vet’s office to have the tattoo deciphered. What percentage of people do you think would actually do that?

What about Microchips, ear tattoos and other Pet I.D. systems?

In short, a pet I.D. tag is the only practical way to ensure that your contact information is made instantly available to the person who finds your lost pet. Then again, a pet I.D. tag is not of much use if the lettering has worn off and can’t be read or if it has fallen off the collar. If you put a Wag Tag on your pet’s collar and if the collar is still with your pet when it is found, the Wag Tag WILL BE THERE and YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION WILL BE CLEARLY LEGIBLE to your pet’s finder.

And because there’s enough room to place many different types of contact information on a Wag Tag, your pet’s finder will have several ways to contact you. All of this ensures that you will have the best chance of getting your pet back as quickly as possible and the amount of agonizing stress you, your family and your pet will have to endure between the moment your beloved pet goes missing and the moment you get it back will be minimized.